Hi! I am Andi.

The 00110022.xyz website is a blog with short tutorials that should allow you to create a LAMP (Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP) server in less than a hour and also help you start developing with WordPress. It also includes other information related to developing websites.

In 2014 I started to write these short tutorials on a semi-private blog to help me remember some things when I needed to install a LAMP server.

I decided to make this information public and add more resources so others can benefit from them but also hoping that others could contribute with ideas and correct any possible mistakes (if any are found).

The information available on this website is for personal and non-commercial use. Read the Terms and Conditions for more information. If you have a commercial project, I highly recommend thorough reasearch and testing (do not rely on a website that tells you that to install Apache you just need to sudo apt install apache2 / dnf install httpd) :). However, for pesonal use, this information should really help you get started very fast.

I hope you enjoy visiting this website and it helps you grow your skills!

Thanks for your visit!