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Fast Velocity Minify Best Settings to Combine JS Files

Fast Velocity Minify is one of the best WordPress plugins to minify and combine CSS and JavaScript files. To take advantage of the new HTTP/2 protocol, the current code of the plugin no longer combines the JS files by default. This can have a huge impact on your page speed.

How to Add a User to Sudoers Group in Ubuntu

Allowing the root user to login is a huge security risk so you should never do that. Instead, you can allow as many users as you need to have root access by adding them to the Sudoers group. This very short tutorial will show how to do that.

How to Migrate Emails with imapsync

Need to migrate your emails from one provider to another? Want to move your Gmail to an alternative provider? Then it's time to learn about imapsync

How to install Oracle Database 19c on Rocky Linux 8

This tutorial provides all the steps required to install Oracle Database 19c on Rocky Linux 8 (or Oracle Linux 8) including scripts to start the server automatically, create tnsnames.ora and listener.ora, create a user and connect to the server from SQL Developer.