Short tutorials for installing and using MySQL / MariaDB, Oracle Database, SQL Server, and others

How to install Oracle Database 19c on Rocky Linux 8

This tutorial provides all the steps required to install Oracle Database 19c on Rocky Linux 8 (or Oracle Linux 8) including scripts to start the server automatically, create tnsnames.ora and listener.ora, create a user and connect to the server from SQL Developer.

Connect Remotely to MySQL / MariaDB

Learn how to configure MySQL / MariaDB database server to accept remote connections, how to configure the firewall to allow these connections and how to create a MySQL user that can connect remotely.

Manage Databases and Users in MySQL

You create users and databases with the CREATE command and delete them with the DROP command. Delete databases and users: Create databases and users: Change the user’s password: Add permisions to the user for the database: Keep in mind that…

Install MySQL 8 on Ubuntu 20.04

This is really easy. 1. Update UbuntuAn update is always a good thing 2. Install MySQL 3. Secure it (remove some test users, etc.) 4. And test it That’s it.