Short tutorials for installing a LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and other Linux articles for Samba, FTP and many others

How to Create cron Jobs – Schedule Tasks in Linux

cron is a Linux utility used to schedule repetitive jobs. cron jobs can be commands or scripts that need to be run on a regular basis at specific times (e.g. backup databases daily at 2 AM) or at specific moments (e.g. mount external drives at reboot).

How to Create and Run Linux Bash Scripts

Bourne-Again SHell (BASH) is a Unix shell available by default on Linux. This short article will explain how to write bash scripts and provide some examples. The first line in a bash script should always be: #!/bin/bash.

Intro to Linux vi Editor

vi is a powerful built-in Linux command line text editor. The name vi is from visual editor. It does not have menus, it has a lot of shortcuts and it is not similar to Notepad or TextPad, etc. It may look strange at first but it is a very powerful tool that you may end up using everyday.

Manage Pure-FTPd Users with MySQL

A very nice thing about Pure-FTPd is its ability to connect to a database to access user accounts. After you installed PureFTPd you can proceed to connect it to MySQL/MariaDB and manage FTP accounts

Install Pure-FTPd on CentOS 8

How to install Pure-FTPd, a free FTP Server with a strong focus on security, on CentOS. Pure-FTPd is one of the most used FTP servers (along with WS_FTP and ProFTPD).

Create Virtual Hosts for Apache on CentOS

For each website (domain or subdomain) you need a Virtual Host, a file that contains information for Apache to find where the website's files are on your server, how to access them, where to write the logs, etc.

CentOS Alternatives

Looking for CentOS alternatives after they announced the future of the CentOS Project is CentOS Stream serving as the development branch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux? Here come Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux OS!