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How to Add a User to Sudoers Group in Ubuntu

Allowing the root user to login is a huge security risk so you should never do that. Instead, you can allow as many users as you need to have root access by adding them to the Sudoers group. This very short tutorial will show how to do that.

How to Install Pure-FTPd on Ubuntu

Pure-FTPd is a free FTP Server with a strong focus on software security. This short tutorial shows how to install Pure-FTPd on Ubuntu 20.04, configure the firewall to allow FTP access and guide you to configure users.

How to Minify CSS and JS in Linux

Minification is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from the source code of interpreted programming languages or markup languages without changing the functionality. The reason to minify a file is to make its size smaller so the transmission over the Internet is faster. Let's see how YUI Compressor and Minify perform.

Manage Pure-FTPd Users with MySQL

A very nice thing about Pure-FTPd is its ability to connect to a database to access user accounts. After you installed PureFTPd you can proceed to connect it to MySQL/MariaDB and manage FTP accounts

Install PHP 8 on Ubuntu 20.04

In Ubuntu 20.04 the standard version of PHP is 7.4. You might want to install the newest version which is 8.0 (as of April 2021). Before installing it, you need to update your repository to get the packages: Now let’s…

Create a Virtual Host for Apache on Ubuntu

After you installed Apache you can start hosting websites. For each website (domain or subdomain) you will need a Virtual Host. This requires a file that conatins information for Apache to find where the website’s files are on your server,…

Change PHP Upload Size

To change the PHP maximum upload size, you need to edit the php.ini file and then restart the webserver. Depending on your Linux distribution, the php.ini will be located at a different location:CentOS / Red Hat: / Debian: …

Install MySQL 8 on Ubuntu 20.04

This is really easy. 1. Update UbuntuAn update is always a good thing 2. Install MySQL 3. Secure it (remove some test users, etc.) 4. And test it That’s it.